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Wicked Witches in First

This week it’s been all things Halloween in first class. 🎃 We have been creating rhyming spells… there was even one that would turn a teacher into rotten teeth!!! So today we created a magic witches potion!! It was messy and smelly BUT we had so much fun!!!! 🧙🏾‍♀️🧪 we wrote the procedure for making our […]

Halloween in Infants.

Funny Pumpkins.       The Skeleton Parade    

Glee Club in 3rd class with Ms. Carroll

Another Zoom in 6th

Another ZOOOOOOOOOMMMMM…. This time, Niamh Shaw did a Science Workshop with with our class…telling us all about her assimilated trip and stay on Mars!!  It was fascinating.  Niamh sent us bookmarks and is going to zoom us again after midterm.

Maths Week!

We did many activites to celebrate Maths Week in our class.  We don’t always love Maths but there are so many fun ways to learn.  We especially loved the Maths Trail prepared by Ms. Dermody.  Thanks for that.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines…………..

Rang 6 took advantage of the good weather and got out as often as possible for walks and for reading.  We are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful parks either side of our school and a beautiful Garden of Tranquillity located at the back of the church. We also got to the playground as a […]

Halloween Zombies in Rang 3

Halloween preparations are well under way in Third class. Today we learned how to draw cartoon Zombies. The more gruesome the picture, the better it is 🤢👹

Making butter in Third class

Today we did an experiment to see could we make butter!And guess what……we succeeded!!!

Autumn Adventures

We have been learning all about autumn in first class the last few weeks. Last week we read a book called ‘The Last Tree in the City’. It prompted us to think about how important trees are for us and the environment. We learned the difference between a deciduous and an evergreen tree. We explored […]

Be a Glass Half Full Person

PE with a twist in fifth class. Socially distanced fun using water. The aim of the game was to keep our cups half full. Both literally and figuratively. We always aim to remain optimistic and look on the bright side in our class, especially in these challenging times. The girls had a great time playing […]

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