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Virtual Toy Show 🧸

First class and fifth class had a wonderful day today. We were so excited for the Late Late Toy Show all week. But, we were MORE excited for our own virtual Toy Show today. Each girl brought in her favourite toy or book from home. Talked about it and answered lots of questions. Of course it […]

Be the “I” in kind 🥰

We had a brilliant discussion surrounding this gorgeous phrase today ‘Be the “I” in kind’. The girls gave some amazing examples of how we can be the “I” in kind. I even got some cards made for me out of the blue from these thoughtful and kind girls 🥰 Each one of them really tries […]

A messy end to a messy science week

On Friday last we had a crazy, messy and fun end to our fun filled science week, where we learned lots of new things. We made ooblek and we learned that it was both a solid and a liquid…we just could not get our heads around it! 🤔 but we had a great time playing […]

💗World Kindness Day 💗

Today in first class we celebrated world kindness day. We coloured these lovely posters and check back on Monday to see our amazing art! 🎨

Making ANOTHER Mess!!

Day four of science week in first class! 🧪 🧬 We learned that oil and water do not mix while preparing our first experiment!! We created “Fireworks in a jar” 🎇💥 and we loved looking at the way the food colouring looked when it came through the oil into the water! 🎇 Then we created a BIG […]

A magical way to inflate balloons

Day 3 of science week was a big hit in first class. We learned how to inflate a balloon without losing our breath! We used vinegar and baking soda to create carbon dioxide which inflate the balloons! We were amazed 🤩🎈   IMG_1894

A shaky start to science week

Today in first class we got to shake, shake, shake because we made ….ICE CREAM!!!! 🍦 🥳🤩We watched a science week video all about the science behind food. We had so much fun shaking the bags to different songs with shake in them! We also did a taste test to show how we need all of […]

How clean are our hands?

We love experimenting in first class. On Monday we rubbed our hands on bread when they were dirty, sanitised and washed with soap and water. We hope to see some changes in the bread due to the bacteria on our hands 🤞🏻 We also have an untouched slice of bread to compare the changes to.

Halloween Shenanigans

What a last day we had before parting ways for mid term! First Class never showed up, but these creepy people did…so we played some COVID friendly games and had a big party! Happy Halloween and have a safe and happy mid term 🤗🎃

Spooky Zoom

Today First class and fifth class got together on zoom, it was such a strange but wonderful experience. We are missing seeing other classes so much so it was brilliant to get together today. First class told a spooky story that they wrote, about a teacher who was really a witch!!🧙🏾‍♀️ Fifth class had three amazing […]

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