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Materials and Water ⛵️

First and Second Class tested different materials to create sail boats that would float when tried out! We decided on tinfoil, baking paper, straws, and sellotape and put our theory to the test 😉🛶🌊

Planting with 1st and 2nd

This term we have been learning g about all of the things plants need in order to grow! We conducted an experiment, with each girl growing their own cress seeds! We had test pots, one of which got no water, one got no soil, and one got no sunlight, to see how they would grow […]

The things we love ❤️🥰

First and Second Class recently read the book “The Heart and the Bottle” by Oliver Jeffers and were inspired to think of all of the things that we love ❤️🥰 We decorated jars filled with notes of the things we love the most, like our families, friends, pets, playing outside, cosy pyjamas and movie nights, […]

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