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Science in Second 🧤🚀🍫🌟

Second class had so much fun doing experiments for Science week 2021! We investigated melting points of chocolate, examined how vinegar and baking so Da react to produce carbon dioxide, made rockets out of balloons, used static electricity to make cereal dance, laughed so much at the tricks of the Amazing Avocado (and so much […]

Book fair 3rd class

We had a fabulous time at the book fair. Not only did we brush up on our literacy skills, we also improved our numeracy skills by calculating our totals and our change. Also our drama skills improved in our roles as shopkeepers!!!!

Science Week in Fourth

The children enjoyed a virtual Trip to the Reptile Zoo where they learned interesting facts about turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes and tarantulas, to name but a few. They also enjoyed a very informative and highly entertaining zoom on the Science of Roald Dahl. The girls are also learning lots about Engineering and are planning, designing […]

Scientists in 3rd class

What a great week we had in Rang 3 for Science week 2021. 🙌We became scientists by recording, estimating, evaluating,  experimenting and having great fun 😀

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