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Hot Air Balloons

There was great excitement in Mercy P today as the students were treated to a fabulous demonstration from Carol and her crew, showing us how they operate their hot air balloons. Birr is hosting this years Irish Hot Air Ballooning Championships… keep an eye out for Carol or Gary in his Sky Baby balloon!

Hot Air Balloons

All of the girls in Mercy were treated to a visit from Carol and her team from the Hot Air Balloon championships! We learned loads of new facts about how to fly a hot air balloon, and even got to climb inside 😍

Senior Infants : Balloon Spotting!

Hot Air Balloons Senior Infants


Autumn Leaves

First and Second Class went on a lovely nature walk to the park to explore some of the changes that occur during Autumn! We collected some leaves that had fallen to the ground and created leaf rubbings when we returned to the classroom! Notice the beautiful autumn colours we chose too 🍁🍂

Aistear in Infants

We’re focusing on school as our theme in Aistear this month, learning about all of the people who work in our school, their roles and how they help us. Some of us are having a good go at being the teacher too in our role play area. Others are constructing classrooms, and drawing what’s in […]

All Smiles 😊

We are full of smiles now that we are all back together in school. We have been doing lots of fun activities, along with all of our hard work in Ms. Teehan’s class. We’ve been baking and decorating buns, learning the basics in tennis, blowing bubbles and adding a special ingredient so we can hold […]


The girls practised balancing, running, jumping and throwing during their athletics with Declan. It was a very enjoyable PE lesson. Looking forward to next week already!


Tennis lessons with Dermot have started. The children enjoyed their first session.

First and Second Class 2022-2023

First and Second class have settled in really well to their new class, and have loved getting to know one another these first couple of weeks! We are really looking forward to the year ahead 📚✏️⚽️🎨🎭💙

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