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Clay Tiles

Squishing, pressing, pulling and twisting; it’s all hands on deck as we make our own clay tiles!                                           

Maths For Fun

We are really enjoying having our parents come to school and play maths games with us  .              

Field Trip To Birr Castle


Minibeasts are plentiful in Mercy Primary School!!!

Senior Infants took full advantage of the good weather and decided to go on a minibeast hunt.  We were very successful.  There are lots of minibeasts in Mercy Primary School!!         

Making buns ! Procedural Writing – Junior and Senior Infants.


We made our own solar system!

In science we learned about all the planets in our solar system. Then we decided to make a model of the planets using paper mache. We made the planets by covering balloons which we blew up roughly to scale and then covered them with PVA glue and tissue paper. It was a messy job, but […]

We are doing origami this month.

We are lucky enough to be doing origami this month. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. This week we learned how to make butterflies and dogs and next week we will be making flowers. we will keep you posted on our work!

We are busy knitting!

  Here is a recent photo of our knitted patchwork quilt. We are almost finished! All that is left to do is sew it onto a fleecy blanket and raffle it for charity in June! It looks fabulous! (“,)

Growing our Sweet Pea seeds!

  This month in science we were learning about how plants grow. We decided to sow some sweet pea seeds and watch how they will grow and develop when we give them the light, soil, water and air that they need! Our sweet pea plants were getting too big on our window sill so we […]

Summer is coming in Senior Infants!

‘Tá an Samhradh ag teacht’ in Senior Infants.  Dora has her ‘spéaclaí gréine’ ready and we have our ‘buicéad agus spád’ bought.  Here comes the Summer!!!!     

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