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Happy Valentine’s Day from Second Class

Second Class learned about Mosaics in Art Class. After looking at some examples, they created their own heart shaped mosaics for St. Valentine’s Day.  Take a look at our fabulous creations.                    

Symmetry in Second Class

Second Class learned about Symmetry in Maths Class and so they created some symmetrical pictures. Take a look at our colourful symmetrical creations.          

Gymnastics in 2nd Class

Second Class have just completed six weeks of Gymnastics. They learned how to travel, roll, climb, balance, slide, pull, walk and dance on mats, benches, A frames and bars. They really enjoyed PE. Take a look at what Second Class can do.                                  […]

Valentines Day Art by Fourth Class

February activities in Senior Infants – 2015

  It was the last day of gymnastics and it was amazing to see the level of skills and  confidence a reached by all of the girls.And if you look carefully we also captured someone doing their maths activity on the interactive board just before we headed to the P.E. hall

Winter Art work in Senior Infants

The theme of Winter was captured very creatively by the girls during art classes.They used potato printing to create these snowmen and then added their own unique final touches . and They even had a chance to go out and have some fun in the snow at school! And their black cats found themselves a […]

Happy Valentines Day from Senior Infants Feb 2015

The senior infants put lots of work into these beautiful clay hearts  and send lots of love to their families on St. Valentine’s Day.

Gymnasts in Junior Infants!

Junior Infants have just completed six weeks of gymnastics with Mrs.Feehan and they all loved it.  They learned how to  jump, roll, climb, transfer weight, balance, twist, turn and much more.  They are all set for the 2016 Olympics!!!! Look at the girls in action!                      

John Lonergan Talk in Kinnitty

John Lonergan, former governor of Mountjoy Prison will speak in Kinnitty Community Centre on Friday 6th February at 8.30 pm. The focus of the talk will be “Positive Parenting”. Tickets €5 Check out for more details.

Maths For Fun in 1st class

1st class had 4 weeks of Maths for Fun in January. Some parents came in to help and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The girls learned lots of Maths while having fun with their mammies.   Thanks so much to the mams for coming in.                           […]

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