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Maths Week 2016

As it was Maths week this week, we at Mercy Primary  took part in a Maths Trail on Wednesday.  It was a great alternative to learning fractions indoors……we thoroughly enjoyed it!     

I Can’t BeLEAF What First Class Did!

First class went on a far away adventure this week; to the park behind the school. It was a serious mission to find different signs of autumn all around us so the clipboards, pencils and rubbers were essential! We looked at various trees such as the horse chestnut tree and the sycamore tree. Then we […]

Maths Week

During Maths week, third class went to the hall to play some Maths games. The class was divided into five different groups. At the end of each game everybody added up their score to see who had the most points. Everybody got to try out the different games.

Maths in Senior Infants- October 2016

The girls in Senior Infants got Maths Week off to a flying start as they all had fun doing maths Games at playtime on Monday morning. They had  5  games stations with a variety of activities including  Bingo,Teddy Bear Race, Cupcake game, Snakes and Ladders. Put the Teddy cards in order. The girls got the […]

3rd class work

Third class made flower pots and Japanese Dolls.

Someone like me project

We completed a lesson on people with and without a disability during the week and it really opened our minds. We struggled with frustration, feeling a bit silly,feeling annoyed, and a lot more feelings, merely when our teacher asked us to write with our weaker hand.  It opened our eyes to people who struggle daily […]

5th Class have planted spring bulbs

We have planted daffodils and tulips, we will water them and look forward to them budding and flowering!     We also planted hyacinth bulbs. We hope they will flower for Christmas!

Autumn Walk in Senior Infants October 2016

    Senior Infants went on a lovely Autumn walk to Camcor Park. They had lots of fun doing bark rubbings, learning about the various trees and their fruit. They brought back some sa mples of the many beautiful leaves, fruit, nuts and berries growing there.We have a lovely Autumn display in our classroom.

Geographical investigations in 6th Class

We studied Soils this week and we never thought it would be that interesting or enjoyable!!!  We all brought in our own samples (thanks Mammy/Daddy /Granny … or whatever other garden that was dug up) and got stuck in.  We had to decide what type of soil it was, what it was like to touch/smell […]

6th Class Tag Rugby

6th Class have been happily participating in Tag Rugby games with the visiting coach for the past two weeks and we have loved it. It’s a great way to keep fit and thankfully the weather has been fab!  Here’s hoping the weather will hold up until Halloween. Here’s a few sneak peak photos of what […]

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