Aistear activities in Junior Infants!


Junior Infants on their Aistear journey!

Teddy Bears Birthday: Role play station, Small World area (Oral Language development & Socialisation)

Sand & water area: We made birthday cakes for Teddy using moulds and placed the correct numeral and number of candles on top! (Maths!)

We also designed and made birthday cakes and treats from playdough. (Fine motor skills developed!)

At the writing station, the girls made birthday cards and gift tags for teddys presents. It was important to write our name on the cards so Teddy would know who made the card for him!

The girls enjoyed singing “Happy Birthday” to Teddy!

Teddy had a party bag for all his new friends in Junior Infants.



Young Scientists at the investigation station. Design and make project in progress!



Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly