Maths Week in Mercy Primary School


Maths Week 2019 in Mercy Primary School


A fun and interesting week was had by all the girls in Mercy Primary School for Maths Week. All classes took part in cross-curricular Maths activities including Maths Art, history of important mathematicians and ICT related activities to name but a few.

The Geography curriculum was an  integral part of the Maths trails carried out during the week. These trails covered all strands of the Maths curriculum as they took the children all around the school grounds.

Thinking skills were developed in the classrooms with lots of problem solving as children analysed and explored Maths problems. Maths language could be heard throughout the week as pupils and teachers explored the various strands of the curriculum.

A Maths Day was held in the school hall. Sixth class pupils shared their knowledge with the more junior classes. They kindly gave their time to host stations in the hall and to support the younger classes. There was much learning and fun, covering many Maths Curriculum strands. Stations included traditional board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Draughts; Brainmaster – discovering coding skills; Sorting and Matching activities; Jigsaws covering all 4 Maths operations; Maths Art; Fun patterns with beads and peg boards; Storytime with Farmer Tom and clocks; making patterns and designs with 2D and 3D shapes; Money – children played “Shop” with items bought and paid for with money; Problem –Solving station in which children could chose problems from 4 levels of difficulty.

The children had plenty of fun while learning new Maths skills and concepts. Thanks to Ms Dermody for organising this and to Mrs Phelan and Mrs Moore who helped out on the day.

Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly