Distance Learning Term 3

Dear Families,
As we start a very unusual Term 3 in school, please know that the staff are
thinking of you all and are missing your company. We hope that all are safe and
You will see from the website there is a new section called Distance Learning. In
this section, each teacher has an email address. This is for you and the girls to
contact the teacher for help and support if needed and for the teacher to be
able to respond. It will also be an opportunity for the girls to email some work
to the teachers if they want, to show them all the great things they have been
doing!As you are aware, the teachers sent out planning for this week – April 20th-
24th and next week April 27th– May 1st, before Easter. After this date, they will
email work to you for as long as the school is closed. For that reason, we are
asking you to email your daughter’s teacher on the email address in the Distance
Learning section so they will have an email address to send work to. If you do
not have an email address, please private message me on the Parents’
Association Facebook page and we can sort things out.
Anyone whose daughter attends a member of the SEN team for work – Mrs.
Moore, Ms. Dermody, Ms. Enright or Mrs. Phelan, please email them also for

Remember: anything we send is for support only and is not intended to add
stress to anyone. The most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy each
other’s company!
Those who have requested Food Parcels will continue to receive these on

Stay safe and remember:

Don’t stress about schoolwork, when we get back we will all work together to get
everything back on track. Just share your love, laughter, calm and strength with
your children. No kids are ahead or behind – they are at home safe with you and
that is all that matters.
Take care of yourselves,
Barbara Hanamy

Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly