Science week in 5th class💥🌈🎈

5th class wish it was science week EVERY week! We are having a ball! 🌈🎈💥
We experimented with our senses -We discovered our minds can be tricked by our sense of sight, and smell in order to taste a flavour! Using yummy skittles we eliminated our sense of sight and smell to try to guess the correct skittle ..we were so amazed at how hard it was to guess the correct flavour🌈

We also experimented and learned about air, force and pressure 🎈💥 we loved making our Bubble snakes 🐍 by using force to blow on a cotton pad with some soap🧼 look at the results!
Finally we learned that ‘pressurised air’ WILL withstand force 🎈💥 we used baloons, a desk and ourselves to test it out! We are amazed by the results!

Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly