Grandparents’ Day

On Thursday 30th January, Mercy Primary School hosted its 3rd annual Grandparents’ Day. We started off with a beautiful mass in the church. We brought all the children from 2nd to 6th class and invited the Grandparents of the Sacrament classes – 2nd and 6th.

After mass, we returned to the school hall, where there were tea and cakes for our visitors. Well done to all the girls and their mammies for the amazing spread!

2nd class then performed some lovely music, songs and poetry for their Grandparents. When they had finished, they went and sat with their families and listened to the 6th class perform. Again, they sang, played tinwhistles and said poems. The parents and grandparents present really enjoyed the performances.

Time was spent chatting, looking at the great artwork, poems and books the children had created, all around the theme of Grandparents. Copious cups of tea were drunk and lots of cakes and buns enjoyed.

It was a really special and great day at Mercy Primary. It was wonderful for the girls  to have the opportunity to thank their Grandparents for all their help and support and to tell them how much they love them!

Below are some photographs taken on the day.


Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly