Biodiversity Workshop🐝🌍 🐌 5th

Look at us being busy ‘bees’  🐝🐝 up in 5th class helping to save our Environment 🌍🐝🐝 🌍🐝❤️
Today we took part in a fantastic project through a zoom workshop with Mark and Mairéad. Here in mercy primary being kind to our environment is something that is very important to us. We had been working towards earning our Biodiversity flag before the school closure and it is something we hope to get in the future 😁

We learned that Osmia aurulenta is a solitary bee that can be found along the East coast of Ireland. It is the only member of the Osmia genus that makes its nest in empty snail shells from a variety of species.
Solitary Bees pollinate more flowers than any other group including butterflies and birds, ensuring that plant communities are healthy and productive.
Without them mammals and birds would not have the seeds, berries, or plants on which they depend. These project informs the public of the various essential roles that solitary bees play in supporting the biodiversity of their surrounding environment.

Take a look at our clay work – we made lots of snail shells 🐚 to help save the bees 🐝🐝 We are very proud of ourselves and the part we have played in this project 🌍🐝❤️ 🐌


Mercy Primary School, Birr, Co. Offaly